Swimming Pools to Last a Lifetime

There's nothing like a swimming pool to add something special to your home. A place to spend time with family and friends, a way to cool off on a hot day — these and other reasons are why so many people enjoy the comfort of swimming pools at their residences.

Of course, the process of installing a pool is, inevitably, a little daunting. After all, with an investment as substantial as a swimming pool, you want to be sure you are making a good investment and getting your money's worth.

Luckily, there are many ways to effectively navigate the process. Read on for some tips and suggestions on how to buy a great swimming pool that will last a lifetime!

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Think About the Long-Term Cost

Naturally, your immediate conception of "cost" when it comes time to buy a pool will likely be the installation cost. You may focus on details like permitting costs, excavation costs, and similar expenses. But it is vital to remember that expenses around owning a pool do not end once the pool is constructed. Your pool will require regular maintenance and upkeep that will amount to regular costs over its lifetime. Depending on where you live, your property taxes may also go up once a pool is installed.

Factoring in both short-term and long-term costs can help you make an economical decision at the outset, particularly when it comes to determining the size, shape, and style (in-ground or above-ground) of your pool.

Consider Your Pool's Use

As you look into installing a pool, it is important to remember that there are widely varying types of pools, with diverse functions. Are you looking for a place to lounge with friends and family? Perhaps you want something simple, with a shallow end for small children, and a deeper end for older kids and adults. Looking for a place to exercise? Maybe a long, narrow pool, one in which you can swim laps, is right for you.

Other factors are also worth considering. If you have a colder climate — or if you like your water a little warmer — you will probably want to ensure that your pool is adequately heated. Asking questions like these can help ensure you are getting the pool you want.

Secure All Necessary Permits

Depending on where you live, there is almost certain to be a permitting process relevant to installing a pool. Before starting the planning and installation process, you will want to carefully seek out and understand all permitting requirements that go into putting in a pool. If you are part of a homeowners association or housing development, you may need specific, additional permissions to install your pool.

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Choose Your Contractor Carefully

Ultimately, the quality of your installed pool will only be as good as the contractor you get to do the job. For this reason, you want to be deliberate and careful with your choice of contractor.

Getting references from locals with high-quality pools is always a useful way to start, but if that's not possible, looking through the phone book or searching online can help you find potential installers. Once you have a few possible candidates, here are a few added details to consider.

Ask for References

You want to be sure that the contractor you hire has the experience to get the job done right. Asking for references is a great place to start. Asking for photos or plans of similar pools your contractor has installed can also be extremely useful, to get a stronger visual sense of what your pool will look like.

Look for a CBP Certified Builder

It is a great idea to ensure that your contractor is a CBP Certified Pool Builder, or has one on their team. This certification will demonstrate an added level of training in designing and installing pools.

Compare Options

Don't be afraid to shop around. There may be multiple talented pool builders in your neighborhood; speaking to a few of them can help to ensure you are getting the best design at the most reasonable price.

Ensure Everything Is in Writing

As the process moves forward, make sure there is clear documentation at every step of the way. This means a clear design blueprint at the outset, an estimated cost (and plan for paying), a timeline, a cleanup plan, and anything else necessary. Ensuring everything is clearly documented will help both you and your contractor avoid hiccups as you move forward through the process, and can also help keep the plan on schedule.

Be Cautious With Payments

As an addendum to the last note, be sure that you do not "front-load" payments to your contractor. While a down payment is almost certainly necessary, avoid paying too much upfront. Insist on payingh as you go, or at designated installments throughout the process. This will ensure that your payments fairly align with the pool's building status.

Enjoy Your Pool

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Once the process is complete, get ready to have fun in your new pool! Just remember to cross the final items off your checklist: be sure all building materials have been cleaned up and removed from the installation site, the pool has been thoroughly tested and inspected, any necessary fencing or signage has been installed, and any similar concerns are taken care of.

Buy Your Swimming Pool Today

Buying a swimming pool is an exciting way to add space for recreation and exercise to your home, and may even be a reliable way to increase your home's value. Look into installing your new pool today!

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